Brian Chigbue


Brian Chigbue serves as a broker at Vested Business Brokers (VBB), a proprietary database containing financial information of registered business buyers and businesses for sale. The largest privately held business brokerage network in the country, VBB is based in Smithtown, New York, and staffs more than 130 business brokers around the country. Brian Chigbue completed live training and coursework with industry specialists and other business brokers through the company, and he primarily works with clients in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

In his role at VBB, Mr. Chigbue is responsible for helping clients successfully sell their privately owned firms. He possesses exceptional listening skills from his years of experience in the healthcare industry. He also has a wealth of knowledge regarding the importance of due diligence on the business buying side, helping him assist clients in getting the most for their company.

Outside of work, Brian Chigbue maintains an active lifestyle. He enjoys running and typically runs 7 miles each week. He also practices kung fu. A red sash-level fighter in kung fu, he predominantly studies Hung Fut, a specific discipline of the fighting style. Beyond physical exercise, Mr. Chigbue enjoys playing chess. While a student at Howard University, he competed in chess tournaments as a member of the chess club.